Thursday, December 24, 2009

Totally Random Thoughts

The holidays always make me think.

As I churn my millionth batch of cookie dough. As I wrap presents. As I write Christmas cards. I just think about stuff. About people. About the world. I'm a reflective person anyway. But around the holidays....around Christmas....I usually end up pondering life more than usual.

I'm also pretty scatterbrained around the holidays-so this post will be random. Here are a few of the things that have been on my mind lately. This may be long. Again, please excuse my scatterbrained-ness.....

Sometimes, when I'm buying Christmas presents....I get this nagging feeling that the money I'm spending on silly gifts for people that already have everything could do a lot of good for people that have nothing. The same goes for Christmas decorations and stuff. I'm not saying that giving gifts and decorating your house is wrong.  I have presents under my tree and lights on my house right now, too. But sometimes....I wonder.

You know how everyone talks about the "terrible twos"? I have discovered that age 3 is much more.....interesting. Yes. Ever since my son turned 3....I have turned over a few gray hairs. 

I miss my family. And I think about them all the time. I've been blessed with some wonderful kin-folk, y'all. All of which live 1200 miles away. They pray for me. They send me cards and notes. They call or text when something is going on in my life. And while I wish that I could spend time with them around the holidays....I'm just thankful I have them at all. They are a special bunch. 

Speaking of special...I have some pretty neat grandmothers. My MawMaw sends me nice cards from time to time. The most recent (that she sent a little while after I gave birth to my daughter) said this: "Dearest Kate, I'm sure you are feeling a little overwhelmed at times....but you gotta know it's perfectly normal and this too shall pass! What a special time in your life - one of your 'making memories moments'- although it can be tough, you are learning so much. Take care of those sweet angels, but also take good care of yourself." She even included a scripture verse. (2 Peter 1:3) And my other grandmother? She prayed with me on the phone the other night. And when MeeMaw prays....she pretty much brings the house down. I had been telling her about a certain issue that has been a weakness of mine for as long as I can remember and right in the middle of it this is what she said: (Please, read in a Texas accent.) "Well Kate....I'm gonna pray about that RIIIIGHT NOW, girl. Father God, I just pray in THE-NAME-OF-JESUS that you take this away from Kate. You don't want her to deal with this anymore. I pray in THE-NAME-OF-JESUS- that you not let it be a problem for her anymore TODAY and that you don't let it be a problem for her anymore TOMORROW...and that you take it. Please remind Kate that you are all powerful and that you have good intentions for her. And I pray that you protect her mind and her thoughts and her words........In the powerful name of JESUS. Amen. And girl, I will pray that for you everyday. I surely will." My MeeMaw is special. She can be crazy as a bat...but she is a gem :) A godly one at that.

 Last night, I delivered a tin of cookies to a sweet couple from my husband's hometown. They go to our church and have just showered us with kindness. As I was getting ready to leave... I happened to mention that I miss my family very much...and do you know what that sweet woman said to me? In the most sincerest voice I've ever heard, she said, " Well we can be your family." I told her that I would let them. It was pretty precious.

I've been thinking here lately how I should really get more involved with what direction our country is heading in. I've been thinking about how I will probably be held accountable for what I did and did not do to help protect the unborn and the oppressed.  I should do something. Maybe even a lot of somethings. I'll be praying about this.

I have a little girl now. Sometimes, I can't even believe it. Oh my goodness. She has been such a sweet little addition to our family. She smiles A LOT. She grabs things now (including my hair) and she puts everything in her mouth. She babbles and 'talks' all day long and she will chat with anything that has a face. For example, we were sitting in church the other day and I had her standing up on my legs - facing the preacher. My baby girl must have thought that he was preaching to her because she started preaching back...loudly. My husband had to take her out - not because she was crying or anything - but because she was trying to have a conversation with the preacher-man in the middle of church. Lord help me.

I could go on and on. My mind is full.

Tomorrow is Christmas, friends! I wish each and every one of you a blessed time - celebrating the birth of our Lord with your loved ones! Consider yourselves hugged....every last one of you :)