Friday, January 8, 2016

Growth - New Website!

I tucked him in a little tighter and I lingered longer than I usually do, before flipping down the light switch on his birthday eve.

My youngest turned the age page this week.

He's a growing 4 now.  Somehow, that seems so much older than yesterday's 3.

He's a real kid now, all long and lean with opinions, and expressions, and wonders to offer the world.  And his Mama here is blessed, and satisfied...but serious.

Serious about not wasting moments with him and his siblings over the next decade or so.

God, help me to be present, all in, focused, open, flexible, prepared - as I raise them.  Yes.

This turning four business...has me wide awake and wanting excellence.  It has me looking around, wondering where the time went and what I did with it.  It has me squinting at future endeavors, and a bit anxious about it all.  But's always a good thing.

Any mark or movement in the right direction is something to celebrate.

So right alongside my birthday cheers this week, are blog cheers as well.  I have emerged from the dark ages, friends - and I've gotten myself a real live website...

To read the rest - head over to my new blog home, "A Ringing Bell".

I'd be blessed to see you there.