Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Random Mission

Written Sunday....

He's somewhere over the Atlantic making his way back to me.

My husband - he's been in bits of his heart away. And this overseas came out of no where, really.

One minute on an ordinary Thursday night, he is helping me tidy up after dinner. The next he's pulling out a passport, pacing in prayer, and packing suitcases.

And all's just so God, of God.

Isn't it so like Him to surprise us right in the midst of humdrum? Isn't it so like Him to tap the shoulder of an ordinary man - who believes in a God who can do extraordinary things? Isn't it so like Him to know the bride of this tapped one so well - that He knew he had to spring this on her?...because if she had known her groom was going to be away for a week - leaving her with a trio of little ones, alone - she would have lost it? Yes, He knew. And this bride thanks Him for sparing her the anxious wait - and instead, just plopping it right in.

Less than 48 hours before jetting husband received the following text message:

"One of our guys backed out of going to Kenya. Do you want to go? We can make this happen. Pray about it for a few minutes.”

It made the hair on my arms stand straight up. And I knew....I knew this was from Him. And that only through Him could a trip across the globe pull together in only a few hours.

Two days later...he flew half-way around the world - and fell all-the-way-around in love.

He cupped faces, and dined with refugees, and brainstormed businesses, and he loved.

When he walks through our door today - and drops his bags and gets tackled by kids and pulls out pictures.... I'll understand that the week alone with my sick wee ones was worth it.

This Mama didn't have to fly to the other side of the planet to grow this time. No - He did lots of growing and pruning to this heart right here within these very walls this week.

And while I was growing groom was growing there. An ocean apart - but hearts growing up and up in the same direction.

Only Him.

Perhaps I'll post pictures of all this craziness? Yes, yes.
Until then - let your faith be encouraged - knowing that He calls people. He calls people to Africa. He calls people to wipe little noses (and bottoms!).

And only He can simultaneously accomplish much, with both.

Snapshots and commentary from my groom....coming soon :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Fruit

I look down and I find him staring right through.

It startles me. And it catches me off guard....

As he looks at his mother...what kind of fruit is he feasting on? What kind of fruit are they feasting on? Because all three of them...they munch on the fruit that falls from the tree of me.

As children look at their parents...they look through them. Fake expressions and surface responses seldom keep a child from seeing and sensing the true heart of the ones that raise them. (This is true of grown children, too - you know.) It can be frightening.

These children that litter our lives with laughter and wonder and awe (and noise!) they learn how to live under the limbs of you and me. And as they do - as they soak in and mimic and copy - they nourish themselves on the fruit we produce. Whether ripe or rotten...they ingest it all.

And this strikes me to my core. 

This simple stare from my second son - it shakes me awake......again.

And as I inventory my actions - I realize that, yes - left to my own devices this orchard is corrupt....but left in the care of the Pruner...ah, this orchard survives. And it not only survives, it thrives. And not only that - it's branches reach out wide and strong. And its leaves...they are a welcome shelter. And its fruit - gives life.

So as the Spirit blows a redeeming wind right through the branches of me - I know that only through Him is anyone ever ripe with love and joy and peace. And only because of a thorough pruning does one ever dangle down patience and kindness and goodness. And only through the Grower Himself is anyone ever rooted in faithfulness and gentleness and self-control.

Only through Him.

The church sign just on the other side of the field reads, "God makes all things new.....even you." How did they know that the Mama just across the way - needed those words this very day?

No matter what you've harvested in seasons past....yield to the winds of Him and you'll yield a bountiful crop.

And when you do - the ones perched underneath? .....they will too.

For every tree is known by its own fruit......
- Luke 6:44

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Against such their is no law.
- Galatians 5:22-23