Sunday, July 15, 2012


"What have You put on my heart to do, God?"

That's what Kelly Minter keeps urging us to ask - in her study on Nehemiah. And really, that one question - it can change everything.

Because when a person loosens the grip, relaxes the knuckles, and opens up to ask Him what it is He wants them to do, where it is He wants to take them, who He has for them to serve....He'll show you - and life will never be the same.

And that's a good thing.

In my last post, I said we would look at 'the how'. How the Lord can use us - when we focus our hearts and minds outward.

While it looks so different for everyone - there are some constants.....

*Like, prayer. We all must take this position. Get to know Him there. Spill it all out there. Ask there. Listen there.

*And worship. Raising hands and hearts to God - helps us to get over ourselves. Because worship puts it all into perspective. It exalts Him and humbles us. A state of's a grand place to be. I believe we change and heal and hear - in worship. It's the result of not putting praise on people - and instead - pouring out praise on Him.

*And the Word. To know it. To have it etched on our hearts and always ready in our minds and always sitting on our tongues.

So yes...while there are some aspects of this that run clear across the board - living the Christian life out.....pouring out love with our very's so diverse. And to know what He has for you, who He has for you to serve...... we must know Him. And these things....prayer, worship, the Word - are essential to our journey in this.

He has a ministry for you. Oh yes He does. Come with me in prayer over it:

"Jesus! Break my heart for what you have for me. Give me a supernatural compassion for the things and people you have for us to serve - near and far! Show me....send confirmations. And give me the strength and courage and patience and faith to carry it all out.....all over the house, the neighborhood, the church, the country, the world."

I'm certain that as I pray this prayer - that what He is speaking and doing and showing....will find itself all spilled out in posts. I do love sharing here!

Oh friend, may we not be able to keep ourselves from doing what He is calling us to do!

Take a look at a ministry that resonates so deeply with what He has put on my heart....


Blessings to you all.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Friends, please forgive me for the extended delay between posts! We are having some technical issues on our end! Forgive me please!?! New post coming as soon as can be!

Love and blessings and hugs and joy to you all! - Kate :)