Sunday, June 29, 2008


We are smack-dab in the middle of a move. Whether I'm moving across state lines or simply moving across town - it is always hectic. I have to-do lists coming out of my ears, boxes scattered throughout our apartment, and very bare walls. Thanks to those awesome 'Magic Erasers' there aren't even any crayon marks on the walls anymore. While every move can be a little stressful - this one is different. We are in the process of buying our very first home! I don't think the knots in my tummy will actually go away until I am holding those shiny house keys in the palm of my hand. Having faith that everything will work out, I am so exited to get into an actual house! A home - with a driveway to plow, a yard to mow, and walls that I can actually paint! My husband is chomping at the bit to get into our new place, as well. It is situated on the outskirts of a small community consisting of mostly farm land. He has lived in the big city for too long now - and is already making plans for some crops, a few animals, and a workshop. He is a true testament to the old saying "You can't find your soul on the sidewalk." I love him for it.

While relocating, movers come and pack your entire material lives on a semi-truck. Every time it makes me feel so small. As I was cleaning out things today, I began thinking about how humbling a big move can be. Sifting through your belongings you begin to realize just how much junk you own. Things you don't need - never really did. Here in America - we have such an over-abundance of THINGS. I heard about a book a while ago that discussed the amount of material goods Americans own - compared to people of other countries. The writers went around the world and asked families to bring everything they owned out of their homes and place it in their front yard (if they had one.) It was astounding how much more STUFF Americans accumulate - things we thought we needed but only really wanted. And yet, in our very own country - there are still people who don't have enough to eat. Ironic, isn't it? It makes me feel so convicted.

I am pumped about this move. We will be living MUCH closer to some of our most treasured friends, close enough to attend Buckeye games, yet out of the city enough to see the stars at night. (Assuming of course - this whole darn home buying process is successful. I'm trusting it will be.) I'm so thankful.

I better get back to my to-do lists.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I Dare You....

So all of us experience times of drought and wondering. Times where we either find ourselves looking back and wanting to do things over. Times where our lives currently seem stale, unimportant, and without purpose. Even times where we look to the future with fear and wonder what direction to go in. Sometimes, it can be pretty overwhelming.

I had been having one of those days, when a certain song came on the radio. I have heard this song a zillion times, but it had never really ministered to me the way it did today. Switchfoot has this song called, "Dare You To Move." It spoke volumes to my heart today. Here are a few of the lyrics that shook me up:

I dare you to move
I dare you to move
I dare you to lift yourself up off the floor
I dare you to move
I dare you to move

Maybe redemption has stories to tell
Maybe forgiveness is right where you fell
Where can you run to escape from yourself
Where you gonna go
Where you gonna go
Salvation is here

I dare you to move.....

This is what I heard: Just move, Kate. Just DO SOMETHING. Act on it. Pick yourself up and use what you have been given. Stop whining. Stop worrying. Just move about the world. Cause others to move. You are make your time here worthwhile. Tend to whom and what needs tending. No matter how small, MOVE and DO.

Ya know, God can use anything and anyone. Let's allow him to.

I dare you :)

I Took the Ipod Off

It wasn't a choice, I was forced. All streched out and ready to run, I pushed the play button and nothing happened. After tirelessly trying to get the thing to work, I regretfully decided to run without it. As I started out, I missed my music. I have been jogging and working out with my tunes for over a decade now. I felt like I had lost my running buddy. Without my very loud motivation blasting in my ears, I could hear myself breathing. I could hear my shoes on the pavement, and my pony tail flopping around. Those were not the only sounds I heard though. I was in for a surprise....

As I ran along, I heard birds - tons of them. I heard the huge trees around our apartment complex blowing in the wind. I heard the hoofs of dear....11 of them...(yes I said 11 - I counted!) climbing the rocky hills down the road. I heard friendly dog barks and neighbors saying hello. Usually, when I'm running and I encounter another person they just smile and wave - because they see I have headphones on. But this time, I was able to exchange a greeting. I heard kids playing, water running in a creek, and cars driving by. (It hadn't dawned on my music filled brain before that not being able to hear approaching vehicles is a safety no-no.) Wow. I had been missing out on a lot of nature's "noises".

But it doesn't stop there. My mind was clearer - more open - more receptive. Even....pure. My form was actually better because I wasn't stopping every 2 minutes to mess with my ipod. I traded the sounds of steel guitars and drum solos for the rejuvinating song of the wild. I could pray and actually get a response. I could think about something other than lyrics. I felt refreshed, free. All while trotting down the road in my Nike's.

That reminds me....A couple of months ago my computer died. It was long over due and I'm surprised it didn't happen before it did. Since I stay home with my son, inbetween reading books, meal time, cleaning, and playing - I frequented the computer chair. And since we were in a new city with no friends - the internet was my tie to the outside world. Until, I got that black computer screen staring back at me, that is. Oh yes, I was frustrated for a few days, but again, I was in for some good stuff. Literally, not having a computer at my fingertips all day long - changed my life. I spend more time with Jace. I read, write, and clean more (kindof!). I do more Bible studies and I pray more often.

A blessing in disguise. Hmmm. There seems to be a theme here, doesn't there? Strip a girl of her music and her internet and you get a humbled lady more in tune to God than she ever thought possible. A lady that, even though she doubts and questions - can see the handy work of a Creator taking distractions away - and replacing them with none other than.....Himself! And I'll take Him over technology any day :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I LOVE quotes. If anybody reading this ever has any good ones - send them my way. Here are a few I ran across today:

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." - Plato

"Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have." - Margaret Mead

"A day hemmed in prayer is less likely to become unraveled."

"Do small things with great love." - Mother Teresa

"Power is the ability to do good things for others." - Brooke Astor

Two Years Old Already

Two years ago today, I was laying in a hospital bed - a brand new Mama. Has it really been 2 years? Unbelievable. It has already gone by so quickly. I don't want to miss a minute of it. Our little boy has taught me more about, patience, kindness, and love than I could have ever imagined he would. I have so enjoyed him.
He is such a boy. He loves trucks and trains. He watches bugs, shares his meals with our dog, is fascinated by airplanes, loves going for walks, and totally enjoys bathtime. He makes me tired and energizes me all at the same time! He is sneaky and at times, a little bossy. He is hilarious and so loveable. It's already been TWO YEARS! I'm looking forward to soooooooo many more :)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Thoughts Inspired by Mother's Day

I wrote this on Mother's Day and posted it on another blog. Even though Mom's day was a couple of weeks ago, I thought it would be fun to add it here too:

Being a mom changes things! Suddenly, your capacity to love far exceeds your tendency to hate. You find yourself not minding diapers and drool - nearly as much as you did in your babysitting days. Lady bugs, birds, the moon, things with fur, objects with wheels, trains, airplanes, rocks, and even dirt are all exciting again. All of a sudden, you don’t really care if clothes match anymore (yours or your child’s!) Your cell phone becomes a toy. You go the speed limit for safety, not to avoid tickets. You look into college savings plans and you become more interested in your child’s future than you once were in your own. Your relationship with your husband is taken to an entirely different level. And time with him…alone….is much more appreciated. You want to better the environment and the world…for the sake of future generations. Your own mother becomes your hero. Joy comes to you in new and refreshing ways. Love takes on a whole new meaning. Having faith becomes a must and bettering yourself becomes a priority. Becoming a mom not only changes things…but it changes you. It’s sure changed this Mommy. And oh, I’m so glad it has.

Yes. Motherhood is filled with worry, sleepless nights, tight budgets, heavy car seats, messy meals, whining, and a lot of fatigue. But….it is also filled with nose kisses, hand holding while crossing the street, big bear hugs, first words, books, playing in parks, high fives, lots of giggles, game-playing and night-time prayers. It’s more than worth it.

Now that I know what it feels like to be a mom….I pray earnestly for my sweet friends who want so badly to have babies, but are having a hard time. I pray for single moms, children who need a mom, my mom, people who have lost their moms, friends who have had difficult moms, soon-to-be moms, and ME…as a mom. Not only has motherhood changed me….but prayer has too. And again, I’m so glad it has.

Let us always appreciate Mother’s Day… a sweet reminder of what it truly means to love, and as a fun day to just celebrate…life.

The Grandparents

My husband and I had a chance to visit with his maternal grandparents last week. Who knew twenty-somethings could have such fun with seventy-somethings? Our time together was so sweet. I have always adored this couple, but our recent time with them just made me melt. Wearing his blue flannel shirt and boots, Grandpa told us all about how he was raised on a farm. Being a country boy living in the city, my husband hung on every word. As we sat at my Mother-in-Laws dining table (eating the best food I have EVER put in my mouth. We should all just call my Mom-in-Law "Betty Crocker") we had the most fabulous conversations about God, the Bible, and just life in general. Grandma and Grandpa spoke of interesting stories, the Holy Spirit, giving, helping, seeking, and trusting. They can spout off scripture from memory without even pausing. It is hidden in their hearts. After our time with them, I felt so refreshed. These two people are just so simple. Nothing fancy. Never showy. And definently never proud or boastful. Their faith is so honest and real. They live it. I so appreciated our time with them, and I find myself craving more! Oh, that I may be as useful and giving in my wiser years as they are. :)