Monday, October 8, 2012

A New Journey

I'll miss the Ohio evenings the most.

All cool and still and clear - most evenings here bring in a wave of peace at the end of each day.

There's nothing like it, really - especially where I'm going.....

The blondes and their Daddy and I - we are heading south. A job transfer offer, the Spirit moving, confirmations -  they all put us on course for the Lone Star State.

And this rings in mixed emotions for me....

While born a Texan - Ohio has been a home...a haven of sorts. And it has provided blessing after God-given blessing - my marriage, my three babies, forever frienships, a college degree, a precious body of believers, lots and lots of growth, ministry opportuities, and way too much OSU football memorabilia to count.

And when I think of it all - when I look back on the past decade...I'm down right overwhelmed with gratefulness. It's been good.

But alas, it's time to go.

The 'good-byes' won't be easy. The sweet evenings won't roll in around 7pm anymore. Snow won't need to be brushed from our doorstep this winter. No more familiar necks to hug on Sundays. Many coffee date friendships will have to rely on social networking. No more hills to admire or Ohio Centennial barns to see. And no more Michigan jokes.

But hopefully the 'hellos' and 'nice-to-meet-yous' will be warm and meaningful. Hopefully, the humidity won't totally curlify my thick hair. Snow may not fall - but hurricanes might...making the day of my weather-loving six year old. A new faith family will make it's way into our hearts, and I hope to serve with them in love and Jesus-like compassion. While I converse with Ohio friends via Facebook - I trust that real face-to-face friendships will rise up, in time. With no hills to dodge - the flat Texas plains sure do make for a great big sky to consider. And instead of jokes about 'the team up north' - ridiculous Aggie jokes are sure to ensue.

Yes, the goodbyes may be heart wrenching. But may the hellos be heart healing.

Farewell, Ohio. Nice to see you again, Texas.

Let the crazy journey begin.