Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Sometimes, I just want to stay up late.

I know my four year old will come prancing into my bedroom in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow saying.... "Mommmy! It's morning!" I know my 1 year old will be waking up shortly after that looking for me. I know I will probably end up being groggy and tired all day. But I can't help myself. The house is so quiet late at night. Peaceful, even. I can eat a midnight snack without someone wanting a bite. I can type a blog post without having to stop mid-sentence about a thousand times. I can think. I can just sit. Nighttime is nice. And honestly...on the rare occasion that I do stay up late - it makes me feel young and carefree again. Did I really just type that? If that's all it takes I must be getting old :)

While I do love me some peace, quiet, and late-night r & r....I also love me some noise. Little kid noise.  You know the kind: the pitter patter of little feet just learning to walk. The sounds of a 4 year old imitating the roar of engines. The giggles. The songs. The banging of pots and pans. The constant asking of questions. The squeals and screeches. The hollers and whispers. It's good. It means I'm blessed. It means my days are filled with non-stop mommy chores, time-outs, and ibprofen....yes....but it means my days are filled with not only little kid noise...but little kid love. Little kid's so real, so genuine, so honest. It's a privilage to do what I do. The gift isn't lost on me.  It's good and I'm thankful.

So tonight, as I wrap up my midnight meanderings - I'm gonna pray that I'm ready for those little feet and big noises that will awake me in the morn. And I'm gonna count myself as blessed. So blessed....early morning wake up call and all :)