Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Withered to Watered

I've been watering my roots here lately :)

Just the other day I was outside watering my hanging plants - when my 3 year old decided that he wanted to "hep". I filled up the watering pale for him and he got busy. As I watched, I noticed that he was trying to water the actual flower - not the roots or the soil - and the water was pouring out all over the place. I quickly said, "Honey, you need to water the roots. If you do - our flowers will stay nice and pretty. There's no need to water the actual flower, Babe. When the roots are watered - the flowers are, too." And much to my delight - he has been watering the roots correctly ever since. He totally got it.

His Mama got it, too.

I've been realizing here lately that my roots need some tending. I need watered. I need to stop focusing so much on all the external things - what people see and such.

Like my flowers need healthy soil. I need a healthy soul.

Without it, my life will look like my flowers do when I fail to water them - pale, droopy, and lackluster. That's not what I want my hanging plants to look like - and it's dang sure not how I want my life to look either.

We have a baby girl coming in the next month. Yep. Just typing that makes the reality of it all set in. So I have really been asking the Lord to prepare my heart and household for her. Watering my roots. My son's life is about to change in some major ways with our newest addition. I've been asking God to help me serve my son and meet his needs correctly. Watering his roots. My husband has been very busy at work and the company he works for will be rearranging soon. I've been praying over the situation - asking God for guidance and peace and strength. Watering our roots.

And as I focus on nourishing the soil around here - please know that I'm hoping and praying that your soil is healthy, too. I know my blog has been a bit bla lately - but each of you are on my mind and heart so often :) Just know that :)

Busy getting watered,
Kate :)