Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Look Around

I've been dealing with doubt. Just when I think I've got a firm foundation- I'm shaken. I've never cracked - but I've come close. Right before I rupture - I'm rescued. Every time.....

Last night, I felt like I was suppose to pick up my Max Lucado Devotional Bible. I haven't read this particular version in a while. It's a cool Bible. The devotionals littered throughout it totally rock. This Bible usually hangs out on a lamp stand in our living room. I hardly ever use this version anymore. But nevertheless - I felt prompted to pick it up.

I took it back to our bedroom, climbed up on our bed, and just flipped it open. The pages fell to a devotional about God's Presence. Take a gander at the last few lines:

...because we look for the bonfire, we miss the candle. Because we listen for the shout, we miss the whisper. But it is in burnished candles that God comes, and through whispered promises He speaks: 'When you doubt, look around; I am closer than you think.'

Interesting. Coincidence? Maybe. God? Probably.

Isn't it so true? Even the prompting I had to pick up the Bible - was in the form of a still, small whisper. I only heard it because I was desperate. My heart and mind void of faith - yet yearning for it - seems to be perfect grounds for God encounters. I've experienced it time and time again. I'd love to share some of these stories with you. I think I'll make this into a little bit of a series. I like the sound of that. A 'series'. It makes me feel like one of those serious bloggers or something.

Until my next post, may the Lord reveal Himself to you in new and fresh ways. That is my prayer for all of us. Keep your eyes peeled and your hearts open. He's there....a whole lot 'closer than you think'.

And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart. - Jeremiah 29:13