Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Video Worth the Watch

This little ledge here - the one I rest words's been bare lately!

Being able to sit still long enough - being able to settle into His presence - being able to just have a few moments for setting strong thoughts up on this spot...... has been hard to come by.

A week of illness, a husband on a business trip, schooling, overflowing laundry baskets - these are the things that can keep a Mama's typing set of fingers occupied! All joys...all the priority!

But I do not enjoy taking furloughs here! My soul is nourished by this thing! So as I warm back up to regular posts - I plead with you to watch the following video. I first came across this little gem at The Holy Experience. So, so glad I did. Every time I hear Christine speak - I'm moved to action and filled with passion and shaken awake.

These will be moments well spent for you - make sure you watch the entire teaching .... listen, scribble down notes, take it all in.

Let's keep running the race. Love to you all.