Sunday, June 9, 2013


Tonight...I'm in my twenties. Tomorrow....I won't be.

This is both wonderful and weird. Wild, even.

 I don't exactly know how to process it.

On one hand...I'm extremely grateful for having breath in my lungs, children under my wings, and a husband who extends undeserved grace daily (hourly, moment by moment). But on the other hand - I'm downright losing it.

How did this happen? When did I grow up? Where did the twenties go?

It's boggling.

Hello, Thirty. Where did you come from? You're actually here. Right here.

So weird.


Perhaps we should make the most of this?


Because to be honest....I have an odd hopefulness about it all.....a rare expectancy.....a notion.... that God will move and speak and grow and a new, full way....

....that good things....good on the horizon.

And for a pessimist - that's really saying something.


Twenties! Bid adieu. I leave you a smidge flabbergasted that you have come and gone - but I also leave you filled with a real sense of excitement.

A new decade is dawning! And when you're walking with God - that's always a thrill.


The turning of a page. The starting of a new chapter. The opening of a door.

Doesn't it make you a bit giddy with hope?

New opportunities for Him to come through. New ways for Him to provide. New ideas and inklings to scavenge. New obstacles to overcome. New paths to wonder. New truths to discover.

This is good. This is a gift.

A birthday...another year...another season - the thought of what awaits....what goodness!

Lord, come. In this new age of mine - do come. And mature me. And round me out. And make the fear flee. Let me walk in Your ways - and let me teach the little ones that follow do the same. Bring joy. Set me free to laugh. Empower this woman. Help me to do live better. Speak to and through me. I'm desperate for You to do so. Oh God! I'm grateful.