Thursday, July 11, 2013

Digging In

The load of laundry in the dryer is on its fourth 'fluff'.

The school papers from last year are fluttering about the school room as I turn on the ceiling fan.

There are game pieces littered throughout the living room.
And at this point...I'm refusing to walk through my house barefoot. I've put my foot down on putting my foot down.


My floors are filmed over with yuck.

All this...and I spin around our home all day doing pick ups and sweep ups and round ups...

...and still... the unfolded laundry, and the papers, and the game pieces, and the filmed floors - remain.

It boggles me.

But it shouldn't.


When you keep your kids at home....your home is gonna look like it.

When you cook and bake....your kitchen is gonna show it.

When people sit around your table...the cup rings and crumbs will prove it.

And all's good. Messy....but good.

It means life is happening. People are pulsating. Memories are in the making.

But it's also true...that I am the one responsible for making this rent house a place of growth and restoration.


And yuck floors aren't so great for that.

The season I'm in...calls for a lot of quick cleaning spurts. But really, every once in a have to go deeper.

You have to get to the grime by really scrubbing....beyond the surface.

So today...I'm whipping out the mop and doing just that here in my home.

And within a few days...I'll be exploring this a little more here on the blog, too.

The digging in. The deep cleaning. The focused and set aside cleansing sessions.

In my house...I'm doing the floors. But on the blog...we'll be doing the heart.

Spirit fall on us.

Stay tuned?

I hope you do :)