Monday, February 17, 2014

Her Song

Bellies were empty and bladders were full as we approached the home-stretch of our weekend road trip.

After a long ride down I-45 through the flat country of this great big state - we needed a place to relieve and refill.

All three children were complaining loudly and Mama here was teetering on explosion.

We came across an exit that advertised a Chick-Fil-A - so we skirted off the highway to give ourselves a break and a breather.

The youngest always wants 'oop' (soup) from there....and so we ordered his favorite, stuck a spoon in his hand, and let him have at it.

'Oop' ended up all over the table, all over the booth, all over him, all over everything - but I'm pretty sure not one drop of that 'oop' landed in his little two year old mouth.

He tried to sit on the table rather than at the table.

He screamed at all four of us.

He threw things.

Including fits.

It was a spectacle. A stressful one.

Mommy was losing it.

But in the midst of all this flying 'oop' and toddler screams - my girl blonde began singing something.

Right there in the middle of her brother's meltdown mode - she quietly bellowed the following....

"Holy Spirit You are welcome here.....

come flood this place and fill the atmosphere....

Your glory God is what our hearts long for...

To be overcome by Your presence Lord."

She worshiped right when her withered mother needed it most.

And those lyrics....of all lyrics the Lord could have prompted her to sing....

"Holy Spirit you are welcome here."


Even here.

Even this loud, draining season.
Even this restaurant.
Even the mess and the crazy.

Perhaps, especially here.

She invited the holy in - and it ministered to her Mama.

We strapped everyone back in that tight car - and hit the highway for home.

I did get hyped a few more times. And I did want to stick my head out the window to escape the noise at one point. And I did have to say some breath prayers to keep myself sane.

But the Lord swooped in through the crooning of a little lady last night - and it renewed, reminded, and refreshed - right there! Right there - with a gaggle of kids in a fast food booth off a highway in Texas.


It's easy to think that God, and all of His hugeness and omnipotence, wouldn't or couldn't fit down into the smallness...... into the most unknown crevices of our lives.'s because of His hugeness and omnipotence that He can, and will.

God is so big - that nothing is too small.