Monday, August 10, 2009


Oh my goodness.

I stumbled upon a gem of a website today. - It's a lovely little spot launched my Hallmark's DaySpring division. You should check it out.

The sweet ladies over at incourage are asking bloggers to write about what encourages them. This is right up my allie, y'all.

I wish we were plopped down on a comfy couch - iced tea in hand - talking about what encourages us.... face to face. Oh I'd love that. But since we are all scattered about the country - discussing encouragement on the old blog sounds like a good plan B.....

I'm super encouraged by witnessing people do crazy-awesome things with their lives. Things that make a difference. Things that other people have never done because it was considered too difficult. Things that force the doer to overcome obstacles and beat the odds. Things that would be virtually impossible without faith, tenacity, and endurance. Witnessing others using the talents God gave them to the fullest - is pretty inspiring. Seeing people make things happen really gives me the urge to do the same. When we choose to improve ourselves - no matter how small the change is - we are also choosing to improve those around us. And THAT is powerful.

Other encouragers?

Sunshine. Sports. Reading the autobiographies and stories of successful people. Blogs and my bloggy friends. My husband's college football manuel. Watermelon. My Mom's workout plan. Psalm 119. Warm weather. Spending time with girlfriends. Budding flowers in Spring. My son's laughter. Quotes. MeeMaw's prayers over the phone. My husband. Getting sweet greeting cards in the mail from Maw Maw Jan. My Dad's life story. Philanthropy. Music. Testimonies. Trips to Texas. Traveling. Dancing. And hugs...lots of them :)

What encourages YOU? What makes you feel alive? What gets you inspired? Do tell friends, do tell!