Sunday, April 10, 2011


I won. And I'm still peeing my pants over it.

Something like 370 women entered a contest on the She Reads blog to win a scholarship to She Speaks this summer. And can y'all believe I won the thing?

I've been praising Jesus ever since. It had to have been Him. The other entries were so clever and beautiful and thought-provoking. Like I said in my last post - I almost didn't try because of the awesomeness that had already entered. (The Enemy will do that to you, ya know. Right before you achieve victory in some area...He will convince you to thwart the pursuit. Keep an eye out for that, sisters. And stay in the race.) I'm just doubled over with thankfulness.

This means that I get to go to North Carolina in July and learn all about how to communicate and teach and witness for the Lover of my Soul. You do know that's what He is, don't you? The Lover of your Soul. He is jealous for you. And He longs for you to really know Him. Yep, you. He isn't in the business of simply revealing Himself to your pastor or your favorite Bible teacher or your favorite author or your Mama. He is in the business of revealing Himself to YOU. He's incredible like that. And captivating. And willing. It's a beautiful thing, isn't it? That the One who dreamed me up - cares enough to chase me down. That's the kind of stuff that will make you raise your hands in church.

May the Lord surprise you in new and refreshing ways this week, friends. Go ahead - ask Him to reveal Himself to you...right where you need it most. He will. And He'll do things that will make you just about pee your pants.

I would know :)

Father, thank you. I'm just so humbled. And honored. And grateful...for your provision.... your surprises...and your never-ending grace. Work on me so that You can work through me. Show me Your glory, Lord. Prepare me for the She Speaks conference. And let me be a blessing there. In the holy name of Jesus - Amen.