Monday, June 11, 2012

When We Worship in His Presence

Wanting Him more than anything - fills you 'til you're full.

It isn't a person or a place or a position - it's a posture. It's a humble posture before Him - that leaves us quenched and overflowing.

When will I ever learn this for good? How many times will it take for me to realize that nothing will satisfy...nothing will undo the Lord will?

How long will it take for me to be a true woman who worships? Who worships out of total awe?

Why aren't we all walking around with dropped jaws - awe struck? He's that big.

Perhaps - it is because we are the focus. He isn't. Perhaps it is because we too often approach Him simply asking for what's ours - instead of relishing in who He is.

Focus on Him brings life. Focus on us brings strife. It's just the truth. There is enough space in this great big world - for each of us to stretch our arms out wide and just receive Him.

Seek the Lord and His strength; seek His presence continually. - 1 Chronicles 16:11
Worship heals wounds. Worship - time of adoration in His's a deep well. Lower bucket after bucket and drink it all in. You'll be changed. There is something about taking the focus, the attention, off of us and putting it on the Lord - that ushers in healing, and guidance, and peace.

Just the other day, I heard about a woman who wore a timer on her belt for a couple of weeks. The timer would vibrate every 10 minutes. When the vibrating alarm would go off - she would stop what she was doing and worship for a moment. Nothing extravagant. No praise bands in tow. No frill. She just took a moment - every 10 pause and praise Him....

....She got out of herself. She got out of her mind, her emotions, her ability, her agenda - and she put it all on the One.

Because outside of ourselves is really where we should always be operating. We should always be living in a way that requires God to come through. We should be living out a faith that insists on God's presence. If we are living a life that we can carry out on our own - we aren't living and we aren't carrying much.

What would happen if we Christ-followers.....lived worship-full lives? What would happen if we came to the table hungry everyday? With mouths wide open - singing out praise as He fills us to the rim and over it?

I think there would be a revolution. A revival. And certainly, revelation.

I'm gonna try it and find out. I've been dizzy with questions this week. But instead of simply asking Him for answers - I'm simply asking Him.... for Him. There is a lot to be found, and discovered, and gained from simply sitting in His presence.

Join me. There's room.