Tuesday, April 2, 2013


It all started with the daffodils.

Those dancing flowers from Wordsworth's poem.

The blondes and I....around 3pm in the afternoon....everyday....we lose ourselves in another world for a while.

We pick up some rhyme and we read it over and we talk through the meaning and we let the words fill our imaginations with all out wonder.

Sometimes on the back porch - sometimes in the window lit living room - we dare to let our heads leave this big city.....and we take a ride to some far away place that a poet has ventured off to. 

And it makes us soar high.

We've been in William Wordsworth's poems for a few weeks now...walking (stumbling, tripping!) through I Wondered Lonely As a Cloud, and a few more.

These writings...they bring nature right to us. The lakes, the wild flowers, the breeze, the tree-lined hills..... it's a good adventure as we sit here on all this hot pavement.

Since we have been studying these words that so beautifully describe rural adventures....nature has naturally been thick on my mind.

So when the preacher stood up on Sunday morning - and started making mention of nature in the Bible...my jet black gel pen began to flow faster and faster as I jotted down notes verbatim.

The preacher was hashing out how the earth responds to the Lord's declarations.

(Exodus 19 - the earth shook when Moses met with God on Mount Sinai
Zechariah 4 - mentions the earth splitting
Matthew 27 - says the earth shook and the rocks split
Luke 19 - the rocks would cry out
Luke 23 - darkness covered the land in daytime 
Revelation 5:11 - creatures in Heaven and in the sea recognizing who Christ is)

(Just to name a few.)

And then our preacher....he said....

"Humanity doesn't know what's happening here - but nature does."


Incredible that we...with complex minds and beating hearts and eyes and ears and taste buds and feeling - we can so easily miss Him - yet simple creation that grows from seed and sits in dirt and swims through oceans and sways in wind.........gets it.

Oh that we would be like that.

That we would recognize our Creator when He speaks....that we would react and respond when He declares something in our lives! That we would crack right open for Him....right open for the world to see!

Oh that we wouldn't be able to keep ourselves from it!

As I sit here - flashes of light and deep rumbles of thunder roar outside my window.

And it takes me right to His throne.

Yes...may I do the same for the world!