Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Sunday for Mama

Love on a plate.

That's what they served their Mama this morning.

Frozen waffles stacked just so. A perfectly ripe banana. A vitamin. A tall glass of liquid.

And those cards....those cards with M-O-M scribbled all over front and back.... by little hands just learning to form lines and curves into coherent characters....


I'm a real proponent of Mother's Day.

A sunset and sunrise set aside for Mama's?

Indeed! Yes! I think I will join in on the day!

Because the weight being pulled here is hefty. The requirements....the responsibilities....the ramifications if we don't carry all this out with intention - it's huge!

Us Mama's............we can make it or break it for the babies, can't we?

We can treat the home.....the family - as a formation center of sorts. Or, we can allow the home....the family - to be a detention cell.

It's up to us, really. It's up to our words, our actions, our re-actions.

We can create an atmosphere that's fertile - where faith can grow. No matter what kind of bringing-up brought us matter how we mishandled things yesterday, or this morning, or five minutes ago.... We can. 

On Tuesday....I'll be back here spilling out some thoughts from some people much wiser and much more experienced than I - on all this.

Won't you come? And lean in a little with me?

Know - that if your eyes are seeing this screen - I've prayed for you. Whether Mother's Day is a joy or a've been lifted up.

See you in a few.