Wednesday, October 30, 2013


At this moment...

The blue eyed boy baby is playing with a smooth blue bouncy ball.

And the girl is pushing around a pink squeaking stroller, playing the part of parent.

And the oldest is where he often is....sitting at the end of the table sketching steamies.

Their Mama is a smidge anxious this AM, which is an oft occurrence as well. I'm having to watch the girl blonde closely today - praying yesterday's fever doesn't return.

There is gospel bluegrass bellowing from the ipad....not because it's my favorite - but because the seven year old enjoys an occasional bluegrass tune while creating. Plus, it rings in a bunch of happy.

There are breakfast crumbs littering the living room. And dust has settled on the bookshelves...again.

Windows are open.

Rain is falling.

And more heavy clouds are making their way over.

I have Poetry for Young People - Robert Frost sitting just to my left - ready to be read just before we begin phonics. A kind, knowing friend... lent me a book collection when she discovered that we have a penchant for poetry.

Frost speaks our language on the life things we like. She knew he would.

The two oldest have gathered now in the room we learn in (but the's our classroom, really....right?) - and they are threatening to make a mess with ink stamps.

Pandora has been switched to the likes of Haydn and Strauss - another genre the oldest leans toward.

The baby is looking sleepy. A nap is near.

Clothes are sloshing in the washer. Dishes are soaking near the sink.

The clock is ticking forward to today's school hour.

Before the ink makes its way to our leased carpet....

Frost and I.....we better get to work ;)