Monday, October 28, 2013

Wave and Sea

There's something about the water's edge....that makes words flow easy.

There's something about that place...where sea meets sand, where the breeze blows fresh....that kindles all kinds of creativity.

Maybe it's the way the sun shimmers off the coast...

Maybe it's the tickle and smooth of sand shifting underfoot.
Maybe it's awe over the way of flight for the beach birds....and the way the wind moves sleek across their winged bodies as they skim aqua.

Maybe it's simply the sound. The way the waves rise and fold - and the music they make as they do so.

All that. Yes.

But it seems as if the water woos us - on a spiritual plane, too.

From Genesis to Revelation - we see water being used in miracles, metaphors, symbols, and signs.

And so it makes much sense....that we would be moved and effected and inspired by these vast bodies of liquid that make up much of our earth.

Goodness. My mind can scarcely conceive the width and depth of these massive waters - and what all lives and lies therein.

I'm prone to wonder, as you know.

But as I stop to consider the number of species, and the magnificence of color, and the overwhelming ability of these living and's art. Brilliant art. Purposed art. Intended art.

I have moments of doubt - that are dark and heavy....things I see that are signed by evil and debauchery.

But I have moments - where I see His signature.

And they save me from the abyss.

Like Wordsworth's mind allowing him to dance with the daffodils long after he's seen their swaying - may the beach waters and Who made them.....ring in sturdy faith and solace.....

 as I tend and teach in this rented house suburban school room....away from the waves and sandy sea.