Thursday, January 30, 2014

Prayers for the Day

Settling in for a moment here - with a cup of something warm in hand - while the blondes are still lost in slumber - I ask...

Lord, renew a right spirit within me.

My days....they are somewhat monotonous - as most moms who shimmy out their dawn-to-dark in the home know.

The same needs, wants, and requirements - day by day by day.

But goodness - as I sit here this morning...and think about the rising and playing and learning and cleaning and tending - 

I am steeped in gratefulness.

Yet, I'm also desperate for a God.

I'm in need of a girding up in Him.

So before my feet even find the carpet in the wee hours of the day - prayers are pouring.

I'm asking for a Holy Spirit's filling, and a calm demeanor, and a joy that abounds.

I'm asking for help in the seemingly easy and repetitive.

Richard Foster writes.... 

"We must never believe the lie that says that the details of our lives are not the content of prayer."

Oh indeed....they are what make up so many of my petitions!

On his way out the door - the man I married stopped at my desk....before he headed to his own.

He does this often - knowing that his bride needs all the asking on her behalf that she can get.

He whispered out a prayer....

"God, give her new excitement - even if it's over the same old things."

Yes, yes.

Right in the middle of tapping these keys - a two year old came in looking for a lap. I provided him with one.

And then I paused to flip pancakes in the kitchen - with all three 'helpers'.

And then I cleaned up the mess, and poured more milk, and iced my back, and gave a chore order or two.

And in those few hours - I sent up more than a few prayers.

Short little breath prayers - that invited the Mighty into the moments.

I just glanced out the front window and a beautiful sunrise is on the cusp. Pinks and oranges all smeared across a canvas of blue.

Those prayers that can spring out in an inhale and an exhale? They can be used to lift up thanksgivings, too. Let us not forget this manner of communicating with Him. It's healthy and it can change things.

Your mundane may look different than mine. Perhaps it involves a cubicle. Or an assembly line. Or meetings. Or a classroom. Or constant interaction. Or no interaction at all.

Never mind. It doesn't matter what your daily regimen is - He is ready.

Ready to hear. Ready to help. Ready to teach. Ready to bring peace.

School is about to begin. There's a spelling test today.

And there's a seven year old here who will no doubt send up a prayer or two in between scribbling down memorized words - hopefully, correctly :)

In your own tests today - won't you do the same?