Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wendesday Snapshot

The skies are clear and bright today in coastal Texas.

And the breeze is swift and cool.

And there are blondes out back bouncing high on a black jumping apparatus they got for Christmas.

Mama here is inside - hoping to scribble out something of worth before the youngest stirs from nap.

Pots for a chili dinner are sitting on the stove. And a cornbread pan sits along side.

Meat is finishing off a thaw on the counter.

And towels sit folded on the bed - waiting for their put-away.

The pantry looks puny at this point. Mid week - three more days until the grocery visit....I try to scratch out every crumb before making an extra trip.

There are heart-shaped turbinato sugar cookies from a friend... on the island.

A sippy cup of skim milk is waiting on the little one in the frig.

My desk here is comfortably cluttered. To my right - a stack of books ten high....a mixture of school and spiritual. To my left - a notebook and pencils and pens in disarray.

A candle is lit.

Solo piano music is creeping softly out of the Apple.

Any minute the quiet of the house will be disturbed by a two year old's Mama call.

And the back door will fling open with some child barging in looking for food or fuming from a sibling fight.

But in about an hour?

Yeah. In an hour is when the day gets good.

When the one I wed waltzes in - all done with his day of dreaded desk labor.

Mama here breathes deep and easy and usually falls right into him.

He the same.

He reads my face as soon as he enters....and can tell within seconds if I'm tattered or teetering.

Often times....I am.

Looking forward to his coming home is victory. Because there was a time.... when it wasn't as pleasant. All praise to God for intervening.

This flame dancing here on the corner of my desk - it just keeps glowing. It just keeps interacting with oxygen and putting out a perfume and brightening the area all around.

May he and I and them and our days do the same.

String cheese was just approved for snack, and the bellow of that baby is imminent, and wannabe-writer-Mama here better stop the tapping of fingers and stand to her feet.

There's still lots of life and duty and love left in this day.

Food to chop.
Floors to sweep.
Papers to read.
Emails to send.
Laundry to load.
Toys to gather.
To-do lists to tend.

But remember....

The skies are clear and bright here in Texas today.....

And that black jumping apparatus out back?

I think it's calling my name.

Who said big girls can't enter into the glee?