Friday, June 6, 2014


I entered right back into girlhood glee today.

The blondes and I.....we have been exploring our new neighborhood. And what we've found has been nothing short of soul satisfying.

Lots of large tall pines. Vast bayous. Playgrounds situated on every turn. Parks tucked away in knolls. A different bird species every time we turn our heads.

It's been a blessing.....a nice cushion after the trauma of a move.

And today was no different.

We hopped on bikes and loaded up a stroller - and we ventured out....

until we happened upon a play area boasting swings.

With the littles playing happily on the slides and such - I slid my mom-bottom into a swing seat.

Leaning back, I lifted my legs and began that tempo of forward and back, forward and back..... climbing higher with each pass.

A slow smile smeared across my face.

I looked over at my girl child and she was smiling with me.....all distracted by her mother's verve and delight over a simple swinging session.

But oh it had been years! Years since I felt that rush of wind and that thrilling motion - all flying high and free.

And I had forgotten just how much I loved it.

Going back and forth - I glanced up at my feet on an upswing and it looked like they were touching tree tops and tapping the very sky!

I almost felt as if I could fly.

As a kid I would imagine what would happen if the swing and I were to fling ourselves off the bars and rise high into open air! Jasmine on a carpet ride...oh I imagined the magic.

And today took me right back.

The shear enjoyment of play had escaped me. And living life out with these young's bringing it back! Thank God.

Because if I'm being honest - over the last decade I've become quite the stiff. A curmudgeon, if you will.

But the swings!

It may sound silly and overly dramatic - but as I flew through the air today my soul did too. It was as if a small part of me came back to life again.

And that's good.

That's good for Mamas.

If you tend to little people, or work hard all your days, or you're currently in a fun rut - find a swing.

Situate your bottom in that thing and let your heart release. I promise it will send your soul soaring.

I hope your weekend is grand, friends.

Hugs and love and joy to you all.

"It is a happy talent to know how to play." - Ralph Waldo Emerson