Sunday, June 1, 2014


The Irises on our hand-me-down Amish oak are emerging this morning.

When I laid my head down last night they were closed up tight...all wrapped in stem, still.

But over the dark hours - they decided to unfold and flourish.

Their blue yellow tint is filling the room and proving that the God we serve is mightily creative. We haven't seen Him face to face at this point - but we do see Him in those flowers.

I pray the same transpires today! Yes, yes Lord!

It's Sunday - that section of time during the week that many of us congregate...where we walk out the word - that calls us to come together and fellowship, worship, exhort, encourage, love.

The husband is responsible for delivering the message at a branch of our church this morning, and so my prayers have been filled with petitions....that the Spirit would rain down His sweet presence on us today!

I've been praying that the stirring up that happens this week at church - won't be hype - but that it will be holy....

....that it won't be human prowess, or manipulation, or high tech lighting that moves us - but that it will be Him...

....that whatever is keeping us all from fully entering in - unleashing - coming to light.....that it will lift.... and people will find wholeness and freedom!

I need that. I assume others in the pew need that too.

Lord come.

The one I wed just walked out of here and is headed to the highway all seeped and concentrated on the task at hand.

And I'm here - gathering a gaggle of kids and a mountain of bags - headed that way shortly.

As I handle that van down 99 North I'll have Irises in mind - praying for a complete undoing and re-weaving of us all.

May your day be empowered, friends. Love to you.