Friday, October 9, 2015


I wonder how many letters have been written at this old dark desk.

How many notes of affection, business transactions, letters of love to family in some far off town somewhere.

It’s an antique. All high and broad and stoic.

I’m always drawn to desks.

Furniture stores, flea markets, homes of friends - I feel a sort of connection with them….imagining writing something fine on their flat tops.

So when the family and I turned the key, and roamed each room of this place - I saw this desk here - situated next to an old fireplace in the master suite, and knew I’d found my writing place.

We’re out of town, staying in a cabin on the fringes of this fair town - so that my husband can officiate a wedding tomorrow. The precious couple purchased us this rented space to enjoy during our stay.

Bless them.

My children have gone absolutely wild and have felt so free since we arrived yesterday.

There are arching old oaks, and dozens of deer, and sheep and a donkey - just outside our door.

We have a porch with rockers and a swing - and we feel like we may just be in Mayberry.

But the world didn’t go away when I walked into this getaway.

I’m noticing that I brought worries and maladies right along with me. Different location. Same concerns.

But this little change of pace is affording me more time to pray and offer up those things - and I’m trusting that the load feels lighter each day we roam these parts. 

And I’m going out on a limb and asking for this great God I know - to go ahead and do some drastic miracles in me while I’m here.

Yes and amen.

It’s early. 

There’s a cloud cover and puddles on the small back road out front.

The kids are ‘adventuring’…as my middle child has coined it…. walking the property in pajamas, catching amphibians, and exploring this small plot of country Texas.

Today holds sweetness, I’m sure.

We plan to visit quaint shops, and taste German pastries, and take in new things before the husband does his duty at the rehearsal dinner this eve.

I shouldn’t say duty….it isn’t one. 

He loves this - one of his favorite parts of being a pastor now - walking couples through pre-marital coaching and officially forging their bond at the ceremony… he is crazy for this gig.

I better slip on shoes and slowly find my way into my day.

I’ll be back to pay another visit to my desk-friend here soon.