Friday, October 16, 2015

Last Saturday

You can’t creep up on people in an old cabin.

Wood from the 1800’s creeks and cracks, making it hard to sneak.


I have a few jokesters in my crew who like to creep up on their Mama every now and then. Due to the old flooring, I’ve been forwarned our whole stay.

This morning I slipped out of bed early to rummage around as quietly as I could to pack the bag for a rock climb.

The oldest was up already. He’s our resident rooster - always strutting around wide-eyed at day-break.

After a pastry breakfast...we locked up the cabin, loaded ourselves into the van, and headed out to a nearby state park to tackle a trail of granite.

It was conquered by all five of us, and we were rewarded with a remarkable view at the peak.

I didn’t know Texas could look like that.

Green hills, red cliffs, peaks and points all over.

God’s grandeur at it’s southern finest. 

All that energy spent and gone, we went to the local airport diner for lunch afterward.

The smell of oil, the sound of single engine propellors, the scene of pipers and cessnas and bonanzas all lined up along a runway - it took me right back.

My Daddy used to fly me to small municipal airports, buy me a shake, and putter and poke around the airport property with me before winging back home again.

These are among some of my most favorite and treasured memories.

Right now, I’ve traded the old desk for the front porch.

Debussy is coming from the laptop speakers.

The boys are flying paper planes around the cabin’s yard, and the girl is swaying barefoot and pretty in the swing to my left.

The wedding is this eve, so I better head in to curl hair and look descent. My husband will be looking quite dapper - so I think the pastor’s wife should at least try to match.

Tomorrow is our last day out here in these hills - but I’ve been storing it up, and etching it out, and imprinting it on my memory - so all I’ve gathered will be traveling the trek back home, too.

Store the good things up in your hearts, friends. And offer up all the other stuff to a God who is willing to take them for you.