Wednesday, December 2, 2015


I have to write to stay awake.

I have to punch keys and form phrases to really see, and really hear, and really know.

Understanding that I am always on the lookout...

Always mining for some golden rock of truth...

Always wanting to woo you with the wonders that have struck me - this keeps my head up, and my eyes open, and my heart fully engaged.

Capturing life to disperse it - I feel like this is the job of the writer.

So these last few weeks where words here have been few - I feel like my purpose has been too.

I wane a bit when I'm not writing. It makes me feel like my candle is going out.

So I'm here to fan the flame a bit.

It's honestly the first moment I've had to really let the ink flow. Schooling, ministry, a project, a lull- it all hit full throttle about a month ago, forcing me to drop my pen for a while.

I've been asking God to show me what my assignments, my rhythms, my paths should be when it comes to weaving words. What is the goal here?

I'm listening.

And in the mean time... I'll be living, observing, absorbing, and keeping an account of it all.

At this late evening hour - I have a vintage candle lit, the door shut, and iTunes radio streaming.

The piano piece that's playing right now, makes me wish I could sit down on the bench of a baby grand and play something beautiful.

But writers....

Writers make music, whether it's accompanied by strings and notes or not. We're always singing something - whether it's in a tune, or just on a typewriter....

All the while hoping that what we say.... makes you sing and soar somehow.

Lord God of creativity and art and beauty and truth, make Yourself known through the wordsmiths! 

Open up our ears so that You can speak to us, and then through us! 

Let us not be lazy, distracted, foolish, confused! 

Set us all in tune to You! 

Let story, verse, poem, lyric, song - sing of You and all You are and offer! 

Let us taste and see, so that we can share and distribute! 

Fill us up, so that we can leak out love to a lost, broken world! 


It's so wild how just a few quiet moments behind a flimsy white door, around a chorus of classical anthems, beneath the steady Hand that guides me....

How it all leads me right back to the sweet spot.

Just after a few moments, I feel like I'm aflame again.