Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Sometimes you have to reach up and grab your day.

Sometimes you have to lasso that thing right to you - where you can hold it, and mold it, and make things happen.

Sometimes you have to extend that appendage a little passed your normal reach, grab the 16 hours you're given with eyes-wide open, and do what you can, friend.

While there are certainly things in life that are out of our authority and realm, things that are dictated to us, things we are called to wait and wonder for....

There are also other things that are just up for the taking.

There are things we can actually decide to pick up, set down, throw away, pocket.

We use wisdom to know when is which, and we use grace when our 'wisdom' was wrong - and then we move onward.

But this day here - perhaps we shouldn't let it just happen to us. Perhaps we should hold it in our sweaty palms, and round it out, and plan accordingly, and choose what comes to pass.

We can't control everything. You'll die in the trying.

But we can control some things. And we are wise to seize this.

I wonder how our Wednesday might look different if we understood that we really can influence and impact our hours.

We aren't always at the whim. Sometimes we are at the wheel.

We have these minds, these capabilities, these resources, His Spirit! We are actually able to regulate quite a lot.

Understanding that it is God alone who can help gear things in the right direction - understanding that His Spirit lives right inside of us speaking, counseling, accompanying - understanding that we are called to take the reins while at the same time yield when it's wise to - this is paramount.

How we schedule our lives, how we organize our days, who we reach out to for humble whispers of help, how we choose to exercise discipline, how we tap into resources, how we cry out in prayer, how we steady ourselves with scripture, how we bump that bad attitude, how we allow ourselves to rest, how we decide to actually go and grab our joy back - these things.... they change trajectories.

Today, this hump right here in the middle of the week - it's begging you to simply do what you can. Fashion what you are able. Lift up the rest. 

When you lay down tonight - you'll at least know that you warred and acted and took hold of the things that you could.

And I think you'll see that things turned out a bit different, a bit better maybe - because of it.