Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Maxwell Video Clip

"If I can fill your mind with the right thoughts, it's amazing what you can accomplish in life."
- this is what John Maxwell's father told him as a young boy ..........and it worked!

John Maxwell is one of our favorite authors. He has written many books on leadership and is considered an authority on the subject. My husband actually had the privilege of meeting this talented man a few years ago, and we proudly display the photograph of the two of them meeting. He is truly a man we look up to - in leadership and in spirituality.

As I was browsing John's website today, I came across an interesting video of John speaking about children's books. There is nothing better we can do for our children's knowledge than to read them books, and once they become of age, for our children to read books themselves. An avid reader myself - I hung on every word Mr. Maxwell said in this video. As soon as I was done watching it, I told our son to go grab some good reads off of his book shelf. We climbed up on the couch and had a lovely story time.

May it inspire you to do the same....