Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Reaching For It

Oh, how I wish I had his wonder. My two year old has such hope - even when the odds are against him.

Outside this morning, we stood staring up into the sky at a huge flock of birds flying overhead. My son loves birds and just wanted so badly to reach up and grab one. As he was yelling "Birrrrd! Birrrrd!" - he began jumping up with all of his might - arms outstretched towards the sky - reaching with everything he had to catch one. His efforts left him a good 50 feet short of his feathery friends. But still, he kept trying. He does the same thing at night time. To him, the stars at night are magical light balls that he could have some real fun with - if only he could reach one.

"Just maybe this next jump will get me there!"

Tenacity and Drive - making themselves known in the sweetest and simplest forms.

What does his Mommy learn from this? You may think it's a stretch, but it reminds me to keep trying. No matter how grim the outlook. He teaches me to have hope and determination in the little and big things of life.

Shouldn't I be the one teaching HIM that?