Tuesday, August 12, 2008


As we begin this new chapter in our lives I find myself.....finding myself.

Can anyone relate? I think everyone can.

What goals should I be marching toward? How do I fit into the puzzle? What am I supposed to be sharing with others? Who am I supposed to be serving? Are some of the personal dreams I have totally crazy? Where should I volunteer? What is my calling? What do I need to do to be effective? Who else should I pour my energies into? And so on.....

Kind of deep, I know. But I don't think I'm alone in my pondering. Whether you are a business exec leading board meetings and going on business trips, or a stay-at-home mom who attempts to keep crumbs off the floor and dirt off of small faces - don't we all have a desire to be of use? And don't we all - no matter how fleeting the moment - occasionally find ourselves wanting to be of BIG use? This crumb catcher sure does.

Acts 17:28 says: For in Him we LIVE and MOVE and EXIST....

That verse doesn't exactly quiet all my questions - but it does point to my ultimate purpose. I live, move, and exist for The Almighty - therefore - He will show me how and where to do all three.

As I rummaged through boxes this morning - I found The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. I'll leave you with a few thoughts from this book:

" Focusing on ourselves will never reveal our life's purpose. " p.18

" You are not an accident." p. 22

" The way you think determines the way you feel, and the way you feel influences the way you act." p.182

" God's ultimate goal for your life on earth is not comfort, but character development." p. 173

" The essence of love is not that we think or do or provide for others, but how much we give of ourselves." p.127