Monday, December 22, 2008


During our most recent trip to The Lone Star State we gathered up a lot of my old things, packed them in a Uhaul, drove it 1200 miles, and dumped it in our garage. So now there is a nice pile of "Kate's Keepsakes" taking up residence in our home. (As if we didn't already have enough stuff!) I've been slowly but surely making my way through the boxes and containers. I have found some pretty interesting things:

Letters from friends

Track meet videos

Dance costumes




and lots more...

But there is one thing I found the other day that is especially important. I was delighted to discover the slide show of pictures we showed at our wedding reception. The slide show covers both mine and my husbands childhood, our families, our courtship, and our engagement. We decided to pop it in the DVD player for some reminiscing....

What happened?

I didn't just cry. Nope. I ugly cried. I balled my eyes out. And just to make myself shed even more tears - we watched it again. The thing starts out with me. It shows me as an infant in the hospital. It shows me playing with my "BFFE", Brooke. It shows me doing dance poses and running, and so on. Then it gets to my hubby: His baby pictures. Vacation pictures. Sports photos and birthday parties. It then transitions into our dating days and eventually makes its way to our engagement photos. All while playing a sentimental country song. It is a tear jerker, y'all.

And it totally made me fall in love with my man allllll over again. It really did. So we have decided to watch the slide show ever odd once in a while - just to remind us of those precious days that have past us by.

This Christmas, as I reflect on a gift that was given to the world thousands of years ago in Bethlehem, and as I remember the love story that took place on a college campus 5 short years ago - I'll be thankful. For what has been and what will be :)