Friday, February 6, 2009

Laundry Laziness

I have been doing laundry like it's my job or somethin'.

Probably because it is.

Over the last few months though - I have to admit it. I haven't been the best worker bee around here. I've been more of a BUMble bee if you know what I'm sayin'. Since I'm growing a human and all - it's kinda like I gave myself a laziness license. And you know what suffered the most? Our wardrobes.

I just couldn't bring myself to doing the wash. The same thing happened during my last pregnancy. I hate to admit this - but it got so bad that when my hubby ran out of clean socks - instead of washing them - I just bought more. Can you believe that?

But here I am - in my second trimester, feeling MUCH better! (Thank you, Lord!) Therefore, I have been busy washing load after load of dirty clothes. And that's okay. I like having clothes in my closet. So does my husband. I'm happy to report that he has a drawer full of nicely folded socks - all ready to go!

I'm even gonna bake some banana muffins today.

The homemaker is back, y'all. And everyone around here is VERY happy about it. :)

Have a fun weekend!