Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Nike's and My Maker say "Just Do It"

It's hard to workout when you are pregnant.

Not only are you tired, a bit nauseous, and out of your mind - but you are growing. The belly isn't the only thing that expands when you are expecting, y'all. I now have a fabulously bootyliscious bottom. My feet have gotten a tad longer. My fingernails are made of steel. My hair grows about an inch a day. And let's just say I had to go out and buy a much larger over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder. And I'm here to tell you - that yes - they are absolute boulders. If ya know what I'm sayin'.

So yesterday, as my 2 year old was napping, I sat on the couch and thought about whether I should work out or just sleep. If I weren't currently growing a human - I would have no problems choosing to break a sweat. But I AM growing a human, and I was having a hard time choosing between sleep and sweat. Hmmmm. Finally my Mama, who is in town visiting, urged me to just workout. Simply because she thought it would make me feel better. Now please understand - my Mother is a red-headed firecracker who prefers to say that she is "glistening" rather than "sweating". And who isn't really the workout type - at all. So her saying this made me just giddy enough to throw on my Nike's and workout.

I turn some music on, put my hair in a pony, and I jump on the treadmill. I can't go very fast anymore - due to my ligaments expanding and all - but I know I can get a sweat (or a glisten, if you'd rather) going. I start out slow and I work up to a speed that is perfect. My goal for the day was just to be on the treadmill for 20 minutes - but as I got going I remembered how much my un-pregnant self likes fitness - and I kept at it. As I'm running, I start thinking about how easy I've been on myself during this pregnancy. It's true. Being pregnant can be hard and all - but I must face the facts. I haven't been that great about food, staying fit, or even trying to remotely make myself look pretty. In short - I've been lazy. So, I start praying about it. As I do - this thought came into my mind:

"Just get on the treadmill. After you do, the rest will take care of itself. Just get started. I'll meet you there."

Immediately I knew that this little lesson wasn't only for my workouts. It was clear that "Just get on the treadmill" also meant:

"Just open the Bible. I will meet you there."
"Just get on your knees and pray. I will meet you there."
"Just do that volunteering you've been wanting to do. I will meet you there."
"Just humble yourself at the foot of the cross. I will meet you there."
"Just surrender to my call. I will meet you there."
"Just chill and trust me. I will meet you there."
and so on.

In other words - I need to toughen up where it's necessary and just get myself to the starting line. All too often I look at myself as weak, feeble, and afraid. I'm not some fragile porcelain doll meant for the shelf - but I'm a child of God meant to do his will and live!

Yes. As I mentioned before, my belly isn't the only thing growing during this pregnancy. My resiliency is growing. My strength is increasing. My faith is inflating. And it's pretty amazing.

As I decide to show up, get started, and dive in - won't you come with me? The starting line is a lot less intimidating when others are accompanying you on the journey!

Be blessed as you head into the the weekend, friends :)