Monday, February 16, 2009

Mom has Arrived!

Mama is here!

My mother flew in for a visit this weekend :) She lives 1200 miles away from us and we miss her so much. We always enjoy having her stay for a week! Each time she comes -all three of us wait outside the baggage claim at the airport - looking for her bright red-head. We so look forward to her arrivals!

Every time she visits she is SUCH a big help - but since I'm expecting - she really pours on the TLC :) She does the dishes. She cleans our clothes. She plays with my 2 year old. She rubs my feet. She buys us "treats". And she even goes to the grocery store for me. It is divine.

But even though she stays busy doing all of those things while she visits - I have to say that it is just her presence in my home that makes all the difference. Just having my Mom around is the gift. Good, God-loving Mama's are like that. Just having them around makes things better. Yes - we get on each others nerves sometimes. But that is part of the fun. It's comfortable. It's what we know. It's familiar. Just knowing that she is in the next room is a blessing. I'm especially thankful she's here - because some serious health problems over the past few years have threatened that. I feel so grateful she is alive, doing well, and currently watching Barney with my son in the living room. (He gets to watch A LOT more TV when she's around!)

So this week, I may not be vacuuming as much or changing as many diapers as I normally would - but what I'm really thankful for is just her presence. As my southern Mama would say..."Galee y'all, it's such a gift!"