Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Finding Him

Early in the morning hours yesterday we sat at the dining table and feasted on Words.

We try to make this happen every cockcrow...before the phonics books flip open and the math equations scrawl across the board.

Most of the time it happens. Some of the time it doesn't. But yesterday - the agenda was actually going as planned as we grabbed our Bibles.... when all the sudden my oldest glanced down the hall and gasped......

.... at the sight of sunbeams.

They were filtering in through the tiny half circle of a window that sits in the top portion of our front door - and they were downright radiant.

Our psalmist (and middle child) got up out of her hand-me-down dining chair to run and see what was causing the awe.

When she stopped and looked and considered those rare light streams - nothing but pure sweetness sprung forth...

"Mommy, it looks like God is coming in."

I nodded....taken aback.

Creation had revealed the Creator - before we even had a chance to find Him in the Scripts.

He speaks in more ways than one, doesn't He? He can be found in the jots and tittles of the Bible, yes. But also in nature and Spirit-inspired inklings and.....

the words of little children.

Just a few days ago - we set a celery stem in a glass of water - and dropped in globs of dark purple dye. As the leaves of that celery began to turn a deep violet hue...the blondes and I marveled. The simple yet intelligent design of root, stem, leaf, flower - and the way they receive water....'s just pure brilliance.

And evidence.

And glee!

Sprawled out on a bed of clover yesterday - I just lounged and looked up.

Sky and sun and and toasty Texas breeze - it fed me. And it encouraged. And it allowed me to let loose of the serious things that have weighted down my mind this past month.

He meant for nature to help us know Him.
He meant for us to be moved by His designs.
He intended for faith to we consider things that grow.

The 19th Psalm says it all.

Go read it.

Then go explore it.

Then go experience it.

Because yes it's true.....we can find God when we open up His Book. But we can also find Him when we open up our doors to go see and hear and taste what He has lovingly given. He's in it all.



If your heart seems far from faith today - or you're dealing with the ugly things this world can behold....know that you are not the only one. Yours truly here has, and is, dealing with some too.

Life is not all roses. I don't wear those glasses anymore.

But this week - He really did speak in the simple and the natural and the growing.

'God really did come in.'