Wednesday, December 4, 2013


There's a red kettle on my gas stove....that's about to do it's whistling.

There's a husband in the bathroom sheering off whiskers from his very fine face.

Three blondes have gone to bed.

Clothes are tumbling in the Maytag.

Small overnight suitcases line our master suite.....remnant of Thanksgiving.

Toys litter the living room.

Mama here is tired. All day with all three....can leave a lady happy weary.

The skies are leaking this eve and the clouds hover and the dark is pitch.

I sit here tonight...all wrung out from the day...just wondering.

Wondering about where we will wander. And thinking about what's best. And dreaming of all kinds of possibilities.

Here in a few moments.... the one with the whiskers and I....we will sip tea with propped feet... and discuss all our prospects.

Because this man I wed....he's a dreamer.

He's an all out visionary who rules nothing out, and who sees all things as possible, and who dares to believe in the wild....all through Him, for Him.

So here I am with this ten year old diamond on my hand- twirling it around my long left finger...knowing that the Lord is up to something in us.....and knowing that it's a crazy thrill ride to see it all unravel.

But this....this knowing that I go where he goes....knowing that this ring I spin will follow the band it matches....knowing that where the Spirit leads Him the Spirit leads me  - this is really something.

I don't follow many people. And I trust even fewer. And I have an affinity for fear. And I'm high on the cautious meter. 


This guy I love and hold .....I know Who he is striving to follow.

I know that this good man desires to hear and see what the Lord is inviting our family into. I know that it really isn't about him and his own fleshly will. I know that he longs to grow the Kingdom - and so he leans in to hear from the King.

And for a skiddish, skeptical, weak-kneed wife - this makes a world of difference.

When our loves chase after the One.....we know we're safe with our one and only.

Husbands.... take note of that. Wives, you too.

Some of his decisions may bring folly. He may get his wires crossed from time to time. His ability to take risks might end up in a mess. He's human - so you never know. But the more he leans in to Him - the more I let go.  The more I see the hand of God leading and placing and orchestrating this guy I love....the more I give in.

He's in there now....reading for his online course....soaking in all kinds of knowledge about missions and the nations and lost people groups and history.

And he loves this. And it's changing him. And it's giving him even more of a zeal for spreading gospel love....near and far.

And then there's me...punching away here....caught up in excitement and hope and nervousness.... over where He'll lead us.

As mentioned - the possibilities are endless.

And this can get a heart really pumping, can't it?

As long as we are being faithful to fiercely serve in the here and now, the current assignment - we are free to dream, and imagine, and hope for what may come.

As long as we are not using grand fantasies of the future to simply escape our current lot - it's good to be expectant.

This pessimistic heart of mine - needs to seize that more often.

So these night talks I have with the mister...they minister.

Tea, notebooks, dreams, light-filled schemes, a husband who looks to the Lord with a rock solid faith and a penchant for positivity - it blesses.

May much come from our little pow wows, Lord. May creativity fly. And discernment scream. And wisdom woo. 

And dear reader...I pray that over you, too.

Yes....praying purpose and direction and hope over every person that finds their way here this week.

Seize that.