Tuesday, December 24, 2013


The people in the blue coiffed jackets get nervous when you get too close.

They prey on the ones who wish they were right inside the pictures.

Right inside the Monets and Picassos and Renoirs.

We know.


We wrangled the three blondes through the fine arts museum today.

As I followed my four loves through the traveling Impressionist exhibit - I thought I might explode from the exquisite inspiration.

The paintings from that period have scratched an itch I didn't know I had.

Flipping through a few loaned art books from the library this fall....I fell in love with the artwork of those 19th century, Paris abiding virtuosos....many of which I do not share beliefs or convictions - but many of whom etched delightful scenes that spoke to me loud and sweet. Their pieces at the exhibit today - carried me away.

Degas' dancers.
Renoir's peonies.
Sisley's apples and grapes

All beautiful. All brilliant.

And then there are those other artist from other genres and other times....who painted whimsically and who captured perfectly and who left dabs of painted passion on canvas.

Derby's moonlit nights
Reynold's portraits
Navez's Thomas

Yes...that one. That image of the doubter inspecting Christ's wounds....faith unraveling right in front of his face....a moment of realization captured right there within a frame.

It was a sort of a mirror. Me there...always inspecting, always finding Him.

Seeing paint put to my own thoughts....it's superb satisfaction.

The children.....were captivated by the large escalators - not the Caillebottes.

That's fair. Going up and down on a silver moving apparatus is indeed quite fun. Understood.

But me.....oh, the day pleased me greatly.

Before I could even get through the exhibit I had to fetch my notebook....because the words were spilling quick.

Art inspired art.

Impressionist impressed.

Drawing drew me.

And this early Christmas present from my mate and my moppets - it catapulted me into goal mode...into inspiration...into a sort of peaceful planning for the year ahead. 

And I needed that. Ailments and scares and laundry and dishes and tight budgets and doling out discipline day after day can sometimes leave a lady void of creativity and vision. It can leave her thankful and blessed...but also a bit brain short.

So, considering the superior art work today - turned the tables.

These next few hours - as we stop to consider our Savior Jesus.....I pray we catch a glimpse of the all out beauty and perfection of His love and gift - and that it finds it's way right into the heart places that need it most.

As a result....

May inspiration be yours. May hope rise high. And may His good plans and purposes for you....

come forth all year long.