Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lent 2014

Ah, we're walking the road that leads us to the cross again, friends.

We're journeying toward that God-Man sacrificed on a tree....

...where ultimately - we'll find ourselves at an empty tomb.

An empty one! Hallelujah.

Oh that we may behold this season.

Lent - that section of about a six weeks time where we believers can prepare our hearts, minds, bodies, and souls - for grasping God on Easter.

That time of focused prayer, intentional study, self-denial, listening in, and looking on....

...not out of religious obligation or dogmatic guilt - but out of wanting to really get God....

...out of really wanting, hear Him, see Him, know Him, behold Him.
It's one thing to be saved by the Lord - yes! Glory for it! But it's another to be swayed by Him.

It's a whole 'nother thing entirely to be moved, changed, undone, held-together, taught, encouraged - by the One who wove us all.

Because when you get even just a toe-tip taste of His grace.....
You end up wanting full submergence.

You end up wanting to draw nigh to Him - because you already have drawn nigh to Him - and you know that

Enter Lent 2014.

What better time than now....during these weeks leading up to His sacrifice and rising?....for us all to really enter in.... to the Holy of Holies.

Because we can! Because Jesus came and tore the veil - we CAN know His presence!

Let it never be commonplace! Let that fact always be significant!

When you think of Lent - you might simply think about what you will let go of for a month and a half.

I get that - I've given up something, too.

But this year - let's let Lent go past the surface, past the dermis - and let it really linger in the depths of those places that need a reawakening to the Light.

 During these 46 or so days - let's knock on the door....let's be intentional.....

In quiet moments with Him.  
In creating an inner sanctuary with Him no matter what kind of noise haunts.
In really honing in on what the gospels say about our Christ.
In pouring out confessions to Him.
In hearing Him and then acting accordingly.
In really experiencing the King.

Friends, knocking..... results in knowing.

For everyone who asks receives, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks it will be opened. - Matthew 7:8

This Lenten season - Lord, let us go all in. Yes!

I trust - I know - that when we finally let our knuckles do some knocking this year- He will answer the door. 

His Spirit has been the One beckoning us to the door frame all along anyway :)