Wednesday, March 26, 2014


The trampoline's been our teaching table here lately.

Since Spring has mostly sprung in these parts, bringing a new warm wind with it - the blondes like to sit in the sun and study....rather than sit in a seat inside.

And I'm with them.

There's something about open air that opens up the mind, it seems.

So this morning - with the sun rising high and hot....we started out our day with Bibles sprawled on black canvas.

And we did our memory verse, and we added to our gratefulness journal, and we prayed over prayer requests....

All out there under a blue Texas heaven - suspended over a thick ground cover of clover.

And the break of the day - with it's breeze and sent us flying.

Or walking, rather.

Usually after Bible study - we do phonics, handwriting, math.

But today - after cracking open those Scripts under sunshine - we hit the pavement.

For over an hour we stopped to stamp buttercups on our hands, and we gathered weed flowers, and we watched ducks land on bayous, and we heard turtles diving into water, and we breathed deep and long of all things outside. 

Our afternoon was much more 'productive'.

We did eventually get around to opening up those lesson books - and we did tend to everyday chores - and we did go through the ins and outs and ups and downs of our ordinary day...

just not until after we reveled in creation for a while.

As for our wasn't as generative, I suppose .

Nothing got checked off the to-do list early today. A few emails didn't get sent. The laundry isn't as caught up as it should be. No....there isn't too much to show for our 9-12 time slot.

Not today.

Except, of course....

grin-streaked, sun-kissed faces.

And as a Mama who finally understands that freedom in the outdoors can sometimes be more fruitful than a long lecture in a hard desk seat inside...

I'm okay with that.