Saturday, March 22, 2014

Preparation and Prayer

He spent most of his spare moments this past week...

praying for revelation, peering into commentaries,  and pouring over scripture.

He stayed up late, and got up early, and filled his lunch hour seeking and studying.

Because this whole preaching thing - it's precious.

The magnitude of it isn't missed on him.

The weight of presenting the very Gospel to people...the enormity of interpreting scripture... the value in sharing personal experience - it's all very heavy and grand and eternal.

And he knows it.

With no seminary degree, no theology classes, no pastoral training - it's all a stretch, really.

But oh....

It's when we're all stretched out for Him ....that He shows up for us.

There's no hype - just Holy. There's no training - just tracking.....

....with the Spirit - who is always so graciously faithful to fill and provide and roll out something new, needed, good.

My husband's been preaching every odd once in a while for years now.

And it still tickles me.

And it thrills me.

Because there's something about us coming to the Lord with nothing - nothing but our weaknesses and pasts and failures - that urges Him to give to the point of overflow.

It was St. Augustine who said "God gives where he finds empty hands."

There's such a calmness to that, isn't there?

Likewise - the Lord told Paul....“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

How gracious!

He's in the bathroom now - shut away from the loud noises of children...running through his notes.

And the wife here is praying....

asking for the Spirit to be thick
for people to be loosed of dark chains
for movement
for direction
for purpose
for healing
and yes....

for hearts to be bound to the One who frees. 

Exalt Yourself tomorrow, Lord
Get people and pride and prowess out of the way
Remove distraction
Expose shallow roots
And plant us all deep and down-reaching.


For them.
For him.
For me.