Thursday, January 1, 2015


Fire or window.

Warmth, or scenery with a draft..... that's the decision I'm trying to make this New Year's morning.

I'm at the French cafe again. Glory to God.

Getting a moments pause while the children and the husband ready the house for a day of football, rest, planning.

This escape is very, very good. I've been holed up through the holidays mostly - so to take flight for a few hours is a wonderful way to lead off the first day of 2015.

Welcome to the starting line, friends.

I fancy a fresh start. 

The beginning of the year is like a crisp dawn - ringing in all kinds of new possibilities and presents and revelation.

Looking forward here from the starting blocks  - I want this go around to be different.

I want the tune of the next 12 months to ring clearer, calmer, more collected.

The drum I march to this year needs to have a steadier beat.

Last year's had a changing tempo.

Some of that I couldn't help, some of it....I could have.

I need to steady what I can.

And I need to hand over what I can't.

And I need to look up and out, instead of down and in all the time.

Succor me, Holy Spirit. You are where my help comes from.

I just read Matthew 23.

Jesus is speaking in these verses about the hypocritical ways of the scribes and pharisees...the religious leaders of that day. And in verse three Jesus says...

So practice and observe whatever they tell you - but not what they do. For they preach, but do not practice.

They preach but do not practice.


This is not simply for scribes and pharisees of 2,000 years ago...

This is for us who lead, and love, and are still lingering here on this planet today.

Oh, yes.

This year...

To practice what we preach.
To match our mouths.
To walk what we talk.
To walk what we write.
To carry out what we are saying we behold within.

Can you imagine the impact?

Because "No amount of talking penetrates as deeply as example." 

Mrs. Elizabeth Elliot said it right.

So whatever it is you have been planning or procuring for this next trip around the sun....

Whatever you're wanting to hash out, and change, and improve....

Whatever it is that has you focused and inspired....

Whoever it is that you want to influence...

Wherever it is that you want to go....

Let your life match your lips.

Kate, let-your-life-match-your-lips.

If this living what we something that we thread through all our efforts...

Our fruit will be good.

And others will want to eat of it.

And fine  changes parched and famished lives around.


The impact will be enormous.

Supply us, Lord.

So I've settled the fire, away from the window, but facing it.

The best of both.

And I've punched out words and I've wrestled through some much needed admonitions here.... and I feel happy starting the year off this way.

Friend, may your fresh start be faith-filled and fruitful and fabulous. May it be rich in all things fine and holy. May it be chock-full of prophetic encounters and divine appointments. May it be a year of positive influence and joyful work and God-given purpose. May it be a year of healing and reconciliation and sweet growth. I'm grateful for you - for your company here, for your willingness to enter into the deep life with me. ENJOY what's to come. I trust that so much of it will be grand.

New Year Hugs to you all.