Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Song for Sienna makes me weep.

It makes me want to grab pen and paper and fly off to a word world all alone to paint scenes and dote out life.

It's playing now on Pandora.

Right in the midst of doing something else - the moment it began to bellow from the speakers - I had no choice but to sit for a sec and hash something out here.

And as it turns out, it's a fine morning for that.

The oldest....discerning that Mama has been a bit (ahem)....'frazzled' lately - entertained the younger two for a full hour this morning before allowing them all to barrel in for breakfast.

And then...sensing that Mama might need a bit more time -  made their morning meal and hustled them away for a breakfast picnic in the playroom.

Good boy.  

Thank you, God.

So I poured a bowl of grains, headed to my desk to accomplish some things before the rare bliss passed.... and out comes Brian Crain's melody of music.

And so here I sit.

Teary, wordy, relaxed.

The Enchantment and Clair de Lune do the same thing....

They almost put me in a creative trance of sorts.

It's fascinating how beautiful noise stimulates the brain...
and causes cleverness to creep out of staunchness...
and lifts up mood...
and energizes dull moments...
and creates and encourages life and light.


Music is the art that spurs on more art.

Melancholy Morning has now made tears flow, too.

It all just touches me special and deep.
And speaks to me in places that need spoken to.
And helps me find my voice.


Notes from notes - right to my frayed, needy soul.