Thursday, May 14, 2015

Drafts and Puddles

No matter the weather I always open a window when I wake.

No matter cloud or sun or pouring, cool or humid or hot....I shift leftward locks to the unlatch position and shove glass skyward...

So I can hear the budding of day.

So I can let in whatever the outside is offering....

Whatever it is the early hours hold out there that I don't have in here.

I want that.

I'm usually met with a bird chorale...

Those winged creatures letting the world know they made it through dark night.

When light brims the horizon - they sing out there, and the window brings that song in here.

And this is good for me.

And for my writing.

Something about the crispness of morning air, the stillness of pines at sunrise, the damp cool of the A.M being ushered in - that works up words for the sharing.

So, a window's open now.

And I'm punching keys.

And I'm thinking about how much I don't possess, that I probably need to.

I'm thinking about all the things I've been inked with lately - the possible pen journeys I may take - and the dreams I have, and I feel like I'm lacking.

I feel like I simply don't house much of the knowledge, know-how, or even wherewithal to go and do some of the things that have been laid on my heart to hash through.

I'm aware of the adage....

He equips the called.

And I nod in agreement of this. God can fill any cistern for His purposes. 

But I also think that sometimes, we have to work for the filling.

That sometimes we have to reach out for the fine-tune, for the understanding, the sharpness.

That we have to be intentional about learning what we lack.

That we have to put ourselves in the draft and catch what's breezing by.

That we have to have some open windows.

We are obliged to lift hatches and allow intellect to enter.

Especially those of us who feel like they are missing a few bits in that arena sometimes. :)

Sally says that, "A wise woman takes care of her emotional health, her spiritual health, and her intellectual growth."

She says that, "You cannot pour out what has not first been placed inside." (p.3 Own Your Life)

And that girl....that smart girl in high school...when I told her that I couldn't get the grades she gets because she was just naturally smarter than me... she said, "No I'm not. I just work for it."

Work for it.

How novel.

We are responsible.

We are the only ones who can peer out, and open up, and grab what we're needing.

If we don't cup palms to the sky... what's pouring down won't puddle anywhere.


We open windows, and crack books, and sit under teaching, and ask questions, and expose ourselves to experience, and observe the world up close.

We put on bravery and let the blouse of timidity fall.

And with the Initiator of it all pouring down power, and our own initiative to go and gain good, useful thoughts and things...

Our cups will run over and we will be capable, useful vessels.

It's noon now. The window's still propped to the open position.

And it's staying that way.