Thursday, May 7, 2015

More thoughts from the Flight (Post 4)

I should be sleeping.

I will have three blonds crawling up my body in three hours time - on a body that will surely be confused and tired from the time change.

But it seems as if trans-Atlantic flights are great for the writer within.

Flying high over sea waters - looks to be good for spinning sentences.

I’m sitting here - pondering the island I just left.

The days were full, and telling, and teaching.

The twitch I had been having in my eye - completely stopped by day two.

The digestive issues I had been experiencing for years - gave way after a few more.

Creativity returned.

Rest ensued.

I had been extremely stressed and had not realized the toil it had taken on my body.

So reprieve alone was reason enough to soar high to Europe.

But I was handed more than that.

The revelations I received there are somewhat foggy, but they are sturdy and sure and forming.

My experience in Bournemouth was paramount.

My observations were an eye-opening education.

My desire to pick up the pen with a new purpose, and a new assignment were huge.

And then having the royal princess be born while I am praying over the birth a short street drive away - well that was just sweet.

I’m bolting back to my normal life now - but things will be changing.

I don’t want to head there with the fantastical idea that a short vacation could cause the course of lives to change…. but…. that’s what I’m heading back with.

Realistically, though.

I know that house and home await and some things will stand forever…. like laundry, and hungry bellies, and squabbling young siblings.

Mama is still Mama.

And her duties still mount up and linger.

But I have some new assignments to add to them, it seems.

And unraveling what that looks like - will be something I partake in over the next few weeks.

Certain causes and courses were plopped right down into my heart while in the UK - and I need to figure out what this looks like while working out my days in the US.

I covet your prayers on this.

I’m setting the ink quill down for a moment now.

Getting some shut eye is the smart thing.

Mama needs to be bounding and ready for her babies soon.