Friday, May 8, 2015

More Thoughts from the Flight (Post 5)

Sleep lasted all of 30 seconds.

I feel as if I’ve picked up a torch.

Not sure what torch…..or for whom exactly….. but I am up and running with one.

You can’t sleep when you feel like you are in stride in the writing world - holding a lit fire in your hands.

As I shut my eyes a moment ago, I thought of William Bradford.

The guy on the Mayflower.

I am told that I am a descendant of his - and as I focused and sought the Lord in the planning days of our England jaunt - he kept creeping into my thoughts.

This man - seeking freedom of religion from the very country I love and long for - sailed insanely over a vast hunk of water to lead a new life.

How could I not think about this as I enjoyably flew over the waters my supposed ancestor dangerously sailed?

The ease of my journey stands in stark contrast to his perilous one.

This might be the stuff of a novel at some point…it sounds a bit like a good bit of fiction….

But might it be that he….

This adventurous long ago man-relative of mine - prayed for someone in his line to go back in Spirit saturated purposes to the land he hailed from? Might he have prayed for someone along the way to have a heart for the nation he fled?


This whole ordeal feels that way sometimes. It feels deep, and old, and rich, and entrenched in my DNA.

But then again, maybe not.

Maybe that’s just the novelist in me dreaming up a story to share.

Either way - as I tromped along ancient streets and pathways through England - I envisioned my family of old doing the same thing in those very same areas.

It’s interesting and humbling to think about, eh?

We are over Canada now.

Having passed Iceland and Greenland - and heading toward our nations Great Lakes….

We are about to point south to our destination.

I like thinking about my babies waiting there for me.

And instead of feeling like I am leaving a distant nation I love, I feel like I’m carrying it with me, and heading there again soon.

Maybe with those blond babes in tow next time.