Tuesday, June 23, 2015


I was on an overnight in Austin.

The hotel room had a wide window facing the heart of that self-proclaimed weird city.

Upon entering I placed my bags in a corner - walked over to the view, pushed the curtains aside, and gazed out on urban landscapes.

The speed and presence and height and design of the big city excited me.

But one building in particular struck me special.

It was a skyscraper.

A fairly ordinary one - all tall, pointy, and reaching.

But when I looked at it through the thick glass of my hotel window - up close and on eye level - I was absolutely awed.

It was a mix of materials all stacked layer on layer.

So many walls, windows, and beams.

All that glass, and electricity, and fine-tuned temperature gaged air.

Elevators that push and plummet people up and down, over and over.

Winding staircases.

Clean water pumped throughout.

Architectural beauty.

And all of this.....filling 30 some-odd levels!

With people moving about inside it all day!

With the ability for all that mass to sway if needed!

It's baffling and it floors me.

And the whole thing has me thinking...

May we never miss an opportunity to marvel.


It's Monday evening.

I'm out back facing pines and palms, hearing cicada songs, and watching the sky say bye to the sun.

And I'm declaring tonight that Mondays....

they are for marveling now.

They are for the mundane, and getting back into the swing, and working well, and doing the little things.

But they are also for a good, sound, meaningful....


Perhaps I'll plan to post on Mondays here? To scrawl out what's astounded, and inspired wonder, and caused me to cue in on the amazing? I'll certainly try.

Until then...let's look out, and up, and through, and over.

Let's stay stationed on the things that are good for a bit.

You'll have to help me.

My eyes tend to see the ugly more than they see the awesome.

So this Monday marveling thing....it should be a healthy dose of light for me.

I sure hope your week is grand, friends.

Big grateful hugs to you all.