Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Snapshot of a Tuesday

It isn't as early as I'd like.

It's already bright and warming outside, the birds have already announced their awakening - and so have my children.

They are holed up in their room playing with Nerf guns until the clock tells them they can emerge from their bunked den.

Opening my eyes this morning, dreary from a late night before, I glanced up at the clock to see what the window had already told me....

My 'me' time would be short today.

But I rose, and am here, and am wanting to type something out quickly before the day hits full force.

Speaking of force...

The forecast is warning me of heavy rain, wind, and squalls.


I've never seen that written on the weather - but that's what's coming.

Living in a tropical climate affords me the privilege of palm trees and toasty winters and sunshine - but it occasionally also brings wild weather.

I have extra water, extra food, library books, and a few movies for us to peruse as this tropical storm hits land today and tomorrow.

My oldest has a thing for all things weather - and so he is our in-house meteorologist... making sure we're all aware of the impending elements.

He studies clouds - the way they rise high in the sky, and the way they smear across the blue, and the way they blow and fall. He has inadvertently invited me into the wonder of weather, too - and now I enjoy a good look to the skies with him.

After his morning piano practice today - he will turn all his attentions upward, I am sure.

I picked yard flowers yesterday, and have filled small vases with delicate blooms. They are propped up around the house - on the mantel, on the bathroom counter, in the middle of the kitchen table, on my small desk here.

All that color spilling over glass....it calms Mama. And it reminds me that there is beauty and goodness in the world. This is something I need to be alerted to often.

Especially on days that include squalls of any kind.

I'm going to blow my double-wicked green candle out here in a minute, to head in to the kitchen for the stampede of hungry little bodies that will barrel in soon.

And I'll start the laundry load, and put clean dishes away, and make beds, and scurry off to piano, and cut and dice for the evening's vegetable soup, and brace for the grimacing faces when I tell them that is what's for dinner :)

I hope your day.... renews your faith in Him. I hope you are spoken to in the depths of you over the next 24 hours. I hope, that no matter squalls or sunshine - you hear and see the God of it all, today.

Lord, I want that for every single one of us.

It's late and I better get a move on.

Look for Him with me this week?

Have a happy Tuesday, friends.