Monday, June 29, 2015

Marveling is for Mondays

We were all resting well and quiet, just passed midnight, in the dark hours of the day yesterday.

All three children were tucked and snuggling.

Mom and Dad had laid heads on pillows in need of sweet sleep.

And the doors were all bolted tight and the windows were all shut and latched, and our world was ready for the recoup.

When all the sudden.....

The skies built up a fury and ripped and roared a storm overhead.

As usual, the Mama here heard it first.

A few slow rumbles of thunder with a few more distant streaks of light brightening up the night....

I checked in on the littles, and all of them were still pleasantly wrapped in blankets and stuffed pets, sleeping.

I made my way back to my room, where I curled up in a side ball and tried to drop off again.

Within seconds, however.... the bolts and booms and brightness that descended on our city woke the whole of us.

The youngest, all three years of him, came scurrying into our bedroom begging for Daddy to cover his ears and hold him tight.

Daddy did so.

I checked the weather, and watched.

The lasers of light that were piercing the darkness outside were a show and a sight to behold.

And that noise...when light splits causes that terrifically loud crackling sound.

There's no other noise like it.

As I laid and listened and peeked through blinds ....

I stood in outright awe over the power and force and potency within the storm.

It roared.

And it dropped rain.

And it ran me right up the grand steps to marveling, again.

The amount of energy and tension that filled the skies that hour, was frightening. And it made me feel small. And it made me grateful for safe shelter.

The whole process is a mystery to me.

How in the world does a cloud become electric?

And how does the electricity find rods on the earth?

The whole thing is mystifying.

It's Summer. And big storms build up down this way throughout the day - and over the next several weeks I'll have a chance to study and wonder and ponder these great and fantastic shows of meteorological power.

Join me.

Watch from a window - how the light beams the sky and punches land and illuminates the heavens. Feel the reverberating bang of thunder that follows. And marvel with me at it's grandness.

And as you go about your Monday, friend... find something, someone, someplace to behold and capture.

Your hope and faith will soar in the wondering.