Sunday, June 29, 2008


We are smack-dab in the middle of a move. Whether I'm moving across state lines or simply moving across town - it is always hectic. I have to-do lists coming out of my ears, boxes scattered throughout our apartment, and very bare walls. Thanks to those awesome 'Magic Erasers' there aren't even any crayon marks on the walls anymore. While every move can be a little stressful - this one is different. We are in the process of buying our very first home! I don't think the knots in my tummy will actually go away until I am holding those shiny house keys in the palm of my hand. Having faith that everything will work out, I am so exited to get into an actual house! A home - with a driveway to plow, a yard to mow, and walls that I can actually paint! My husband is chomping at the bit to get into our new place, as well. It is situated on the outskirts of a small community consisting of mostly farm land. He has lived in the big city for too long now - and is already making plans for some crops, a few animals, and a workshop. He is a true testament to the old saying "You can't find your soul on the sidewalk." I love him for it.

While relocating, movers come and pack your entire material lives on a semi-truck. Every time it makes me feel so small. As I was cleaning out things today, I began thinking about how humbling a big move can be. Sifting through your belongings you begin to realize just how much junk you own. Things you don't need - never really did. Here in America - we have such an over-abundance of THINGS. I heard about a book a while ago that discussed the amount of material goods Americans own - compared to people of other countries. The writers went around the world and asked families to bring everything they owned out of their homes and place it in their front yard (if they had one.) It was astounding how much more STUFF Americans accumulate - things we thought we needed but only really wanted. And yet, in our very own country - there are still people who don't have enough to eat. Ironic, isn't it? It makes me feel so convicted.

I am pumped about this move. We will be living MUCH closer to some of our most treasured friends, close enough to attend Buckeye games, yet out of the city enough to see the stars at night. (Assuming of course - this whole darn home buying process is successful. I'm trusting it will be.) I'm so thankful.

I better get back to my to-do lists.